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The Need For Mexican Car Insurance While In Mexico.

When traveling to Mexico this year make sure that you purchase Mexican car insurance before the trip. It is considered to be optional by some, but is should not be regarded as optional by you tobe seen at Mexico car insurance, and I am going to tell you why.

Some people consider cover inside Mexico optional because they may only be traveling a short distance into the country. Their argument is twofold: First that their current insurance carrier provides insurance protection inside a limited distance within Mexico, usually that distance is constrained to 25 miles; and second, that they won’t leave the Free Zone, and are therefore not required to obtain a temporary vehicle importation permit. Regardless of the validity of these 2 arguments I continue to encourage everyone to get Mexican car insurance.

with regard to the first argument, that the U. S. or Canadian carrier provides for coverage within a limited distance within Mexico, this may very well be true, however it is beside the point. Let me explain. Yes, there are many insurance companies that may provide insurance inside Mexico, and yes, that is usually limited to a distance of twenty-five miles, but it doesn’t matter and here is why. Your insurance firm will not supply the Legal help coverage that isn’t required by Mexican law that you carry, but you’d be crazy not to have.

Legal assistance coverage will pay for defense costs, court costs, and court bonds, in the case that you are charged with a crime in Mexico. A criminal act in Mexico might be something as straightforward as running a red light and causing an accident. If you do cause an accident in Mexico, due to your carelessness then most likely you will be incarcerated until you can supply payment for the damages caused. In Mexico, payment must be received before you’ll be permitted to leave the jail. Your insurance company has every right to investigate the veracity of the claim and then to decide whether or not to make a payment for the accident, and this process can typically take from 2 to 3 weeks. This is 2 to 3 weeks of your life in a Mexican jail, as you will not get out until they get a check and that check clears the bank.

With respect to the free zone yes, it is legal to drive in Mexico without the vehicle importation permit, while in the free section; 1 you don’t have to buy the insurance. My above eventuality still applies. You can only get Legal help coverage by buying a Mexican car insurance policy.